Friday, August 05, 2005

Hwa-Yu Tai Chi - a Diabetes cure??

New Tai Chi Website Reveals 1,000 Year Old Healthcare Secrets
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Hwa-Yu Tai Chi (pronounced Y-U Tie Chee), hidden from the world until the last fifty years, is universally accepted as the oldest Temple Style, highly advanced, closed-door healthcare science purported to be the key to an abundantly full life. Read on to discover why…

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) July 27, 2005 -- A new website at was launched this week by Grace Martial Arts, (GMA), principals Master Robert Xavier, PhD and Mark McGee, 6th Degree Black Belt, are promoting a line of healthcare and self-defense videos purported to disclose a thousand year old Temple Style form of martial arts called Hwa-Yu Tai Chi (pronounced Y-U Tie Chee). Hidden from the world until the last fifty years, this form of Tai Chi was practiced only by the elite ancient noble class rulers and palace guards. This Temple Style form is far superior to the Public Style forms of Tai Chi widely practiced today. See the Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ), section of the GMA site to learn why.

The graceful slow movements of Hwa-Yu Tai Chi increase physical and mental energy and promote a meditative whole mind and body connectedness. This is certainly not the bone-cracking kicks, punches, and flying-through-the-air martial art forms that you may have seen on television. When asked how these graceful, slow-motion movements have anything to do with martial arts self-defense, Master Xavier explains, "Self-defense is really secondary to the health aspects of this form of Tai Chi. You don't recognize the self-defense aspects until you see these movements sped up or in fast-forward. Practitioners are actually preprogramming their neuromuscular memory, through slow, graceful routine practice, to naturally and compassionately ward off, redirect or restrain and incapacitate any harsh attack, while avoiding personal injury." Fascinatingly, the ancient Chinese actually developed a useful exercise that everyone can do -- there's a novel idea. These are certainly benefits you won’t derive from aerobics, Pilates, or your boring treadmill.

Hwa-Yu Tai Chi has been recommended for centuries for the prevention, treatment and reversal of a wide range of common disorders. Routine practice of this graceful, healing form benefits all who study it. Age and physical condition rarely are barriers to this practice.

The healing benefits of Hwa-Yu Tai Chi include:

* Proven beneficial effects on cardiovascular functions, arthritis, diabetes, strength, balance and general health and wellbeing
* Lowers blood pressure, stress and helps eliminate hypertension
* Oxygenates blood, calms the mind and improves reaction time
* Increases energy, relieves muscle and joint tension
* Measurably improves bone density, alertness and circulation
* Reduces bad cholesterol levels, severe headaches and low energy
* Enhances concentration, creativity and self-actualization
* Safe, gentle, proven approach to treating chronic pain and disease
* Increases range of motion, flexibility, agility, speed and endurance
* Heighten oxygenation, helps the heart, brain, and other organs receive healing chemicals and increase the bodies healing power.
* Increased healing power is facilitated through unison of whole body movement that incorporates diaphragm breathing

For a more thorough review of this ancient closed-door form of Tai Chi visit the GMA website at and download a free 42 page booklet entitled The Principles of Hwa-Yu Tai Chi by subscribing to the GMA newsletter in the bottom left corner of their home page.

Master Robert Xavier, PhD is the highest ranking instructor of Hwa-Yu T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Yon Ch'uan Martial Arts. He is Lineage Holder and Chief Instructor of the Hwa Yu System and 9th Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of Yon Ch'uan. In 1980, Master Xavier received the only Masters Instructor Certification from internationally acclaimed Grand Master John Chung Li in the ancient art of Six Combinations-Eight Methods - Chinese Water Boxing. Master Xavier authored the highly renowned 3-Zone Defense Tactics for law enforcement. These methods have been field tested and used by professionals to standardize defensive tactics for law enforcement throughout the country.