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Diabetes Treatment

Health Habits Weigh More Than Pounds on the Scale
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Medical research is mounting that drastic fluctuations in weight are potentially more fatal than being obese. When you get right down to it, rather than focus on what the scale says, health habits are the key to longevity and staving off illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

(PRWEB) August 14, 2005 -- Lynn is your typical adult. She has a family reunion next month and wants to lose a lot of weight in a hurry. Twenty pounds later she is thinner but develops some unhealthy eating attitudes and behaviors. She finds that when she does eat, she sometimes can’t stop, especially if it is her favorite "forbidden" food. She obsesses about her weight, day and night, and finds herself spending more time on the scale than with her husband. Worst of all, she feels really depressed, despite having a great job, wonderful family, and an even greater future ahead. But she is so desperate to lose weight, she doesn’t even realize that what she is experiencing is a sign of poor emotional and physical health.

If commercial diet programs are taken to an extreme, mild symptoms can emerge which mimic the binge eating and severe restriction seen in Bulimia and Anorexia. Commercial diet programs work well, but in order to achieve long term success, you need to concentrate on both sensible and reasonable goals. If you try to lose weight too fast or unnecessarily, your body’s survival instinct can launch you into a cycle of weight loss and gain, referred to as weight cycling. In fact, medical research is mounting that these drastic fluctuations in weight are potentially more fatal than being obese. When you get right down to it, rather than focus on what the scale says, health habits are the key to longevity and staving off illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

A publication from the National Center for Health Statistics and Cornell University analyzed over 500,0000 men and women and concluded that weighing up to 50 pounds overweight increases the risk of death only slightly in men and not at all in women. Extremely thin men, however, had a risk of premature death equal to that of men who were extremely overweight. Researchers at the University of Tennessee looked at the coronary angiograms of more than 4,500 men and women and found that that the risk of coronary disease actually decreased as body weight moderately increased. Data on more than 32,000 men and women indicated that the fittest men and women have the lowest death rates, regardless of what they weigh. As you can see, in some cases it is not the extra weight that affects longevity, health habits do.

Due to the risk of weight cycling, researchers are suggesting the possibility that exercise, rather than extreme dieting, is more critical to overall health. Regardless of the amount of weight lost, moderate exercise reduces the death rate from 75% to 20% in morbidly obese individuals. When an overweight person begins to exercise, well before they reach their goal weight, their health improves to the point where they are 55% less likely to die prematurely. As long as weight loss is maintained, even small losses (5-10% of weight) can improve high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

In order to learn how to improve your overall health habits and lose weight permanently without developing unhealthy eating attitudes, eating disorder specialist, Dr. Gina Scarano-Osika, has developed a website ( online Question and Answer sessions and chat rooms. For the past two years, Dr. Osika has served as President of the Capital Region Association for Eating Disorders (, which is a non-profit organization which provides support and referral information to people with eating disorders. In addition to questions about Anorexia and Bulimia, Dr. Osika’s website offers assistance for overweight folks when they feel stuck in the ups and downs of weight cycling. She is available online each Monday evening at 9:00 pm est. at Dr. Osika also provides 24-hour e-mail consultations.

In addition, the following websites offer useful information about eating disorders so that you can monitor yourself while dieting in order to ensure your emotional and physical health. As cautioned in the May 20th press release, however, be careful when soliciting such advise on the web because some sites discourage healthy habits.

In addition to and, other credible sites are

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Diabetes - a Cure???

Myriad Network Offers Pro-Bono Sponsorship of The Barton Center Website
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Myriad Network ( today announced hosting of The Barton Center For Diabetes Education, INC. (

Sterling, VA (PRWEB) August 10, 2005 -- After numerous outages and issues with their previous hosting provider, The Barton Center for Diabetes has found its new home on the Web. Myriad Network ( has announced its pro-bono sponsorship of The Barton Center website as an acknowledgement of the fine work they do (

"Summer is our busy season, and our website is our primary sales tool," said Barton Center President, John Maconga. "We're glad we placed our trust in the professionals at Myriad Network. The transfer was completely stress free."

Myriad Network President, Thomas Petersen, was happy to help: "As a company, we're excited about working with The Barton Center. We love kids! Keep up the good work, John."

About Myriad Network

Myriad Network ( believes that its "peopleware" is as important as its hardware. That's why every account gets its own hosting engineer, a 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, and access to Myriad Network's Traffic-proof Network, based in the Equinix data center (Ashburn, VA), and Cybercon (St. Louis, MO). Services include:

- Traditional web hosting, with a focus on support
- cPanel reseller accounts (Virtual Ease)
- Virtuozzo-based, virtual dedicated servers (VDS)
- Physical dedicated servers, and collocation services

Since 2000, Myriad Network's hosting professionals have guided thousands of small and medium businesses through an array of confusing options, toward sensible, sustainable choices.

Diabetes Information

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Diabetes Treatment

Here is another blog about Diabetes:

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes and Glyconutrients

Can Your Doctor Spell Glyconutrients?

A New Website was Launched This Week To Educate The Public About Glyconutrients.

(PRWEB) August 4, 2005 -- "Forget about the common everyday person; most doctors have no idea what a glyconutrient is or how your body uses them " says Conrad Dubois Jr., owner and author of a new health information site about glyconutrients.

Dubois claims that there is just a whole lot of misinformation out there. He's hoping to help people understand exactly what these things called glyconutrients are, how they work, and what benefits people might receive by supplementing them into their diets.

"Glyconutrients are not herbs, vitamins, minerals, or ancient Chinese remedies" said Dubois. "They're nutrients that science has actually proven are essential to our health and well being. The problem is that very few people in the healthcare industry are aware of that"
he said.

Dubois explained that glyconutrients are not a substitute for drugs, but rather they are complimentary. They're really classified as nutraceuticals. He says that over the last decade, science has learned that these nutrients are at the core of cell to cell communication. Miscommunication within the body is the central issue in many ailments including asthma, fibromyalgia, Type 1 diabetes, and many other autoimmune diseases. The discovery of just how important glyconutrients are in cell to cell communication has fueled a huge increase across the world in the study of glycobiology.

"We know that every single drug company, as well as plenty of other organizations, are feverishly studying how these glyconutrients help our bodies fight and/or prevent disease. What the public doesn't know is that those glyconutrients are actually available today in their natural state."

Dubois added, "Call it anecdotal evidence or whatever you like, but there's no denying the fact that numerous people who've added these nutrients to their diets have seen remarkable changes in their state of health. It's not the public's fault that the healthcare industry refuses to acknowledge that" he said.

For those wishing to learn more about glyconutrients, Dubois offers detailed information at his website. He also says that he'll gladly answer any questions via email or phone. You can find out more information about glyconutrients by visiting the following website:

Conrad Dubois Jr.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

CODEX and supplements and what it means to you

CODEX/Pharma-Friendly Legislative Assault Threatens US Health Freedom: Nutrient 'Adverse Event Reporting' Distorts Supplement Safety, Ignores Drug Dangers

Are Pharma-friendly Congressmen introducing bills clearing the path for harmonization with pro-illness provisions in CODEX by making supplements unavailable either directly or by stealth? The remarkable safety of inexpensive and effective supplements is a direct market threat to dangerous and expensive drugs. Four bills and an amendment designed to end Americans' access to nutrients and supplements have been introduced into Congress.

(PRWEB) July 27, 2005 -- Are Pharma-friendly Congressmen introducing bills clearing the path for harmonization with pro-illness provisions in CODEX by making supplements unavailable either directly or by stealth?

The remarkable safety of inexpensive and effective supplements is a direct market threat to dangerous and expensive drugs. Four bills and an amendment designed to end Americans' access to nutrients and supplements have been introduced into Congress.

Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director of the pro-health freedom Natural Solutions Foundation notes that "The continuing corporate assault on natural medicine choices has taken a dangerous twist via coordinated legislative attacks in Congress on American's right to make natural health choices. Americans use nutritional supplements in chronic degenerative diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. These killer diseases are poorly prevented or treated with highly profitable drugs while natural approaches usually offer better outcomes and more relief than drugs can without side effects and toxicity."

She estimates that every dollar of the $20 billion supplement industry probably costs Big Pharma $40 in direct and indirect lost revenue.

"No wonder Big Pharma lobbies Congress at nearly $1 Billion per year: healthy people are bad for their business!" she said.

Pharma-friendly, CODEX-ready legislation has been introduced into Congress which directly or indirectly guts the legislative protection classifying nutritional supplements as foods (for which no upper limits are permitted as unanimously enacted by Congress in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 [DSHEA).

Once the DSHEA's protection is removed, there will be no barrier left to harmonization with CODEX standards like the recently ratified Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.

Amendments to appropriations (e.g., Sen. Durbin's SA 1379) and bills (e.g., Pallone's HR 2510 and Davis' HR 3156) call for, among other things, an "adverse events reporting" requirement for nutrients despite the fact that no such system exists for much more dangerous drugs. This system would give the nutrient-hostile FDA ammunition to remove supplements which have supposedly been potentially harmful.

Davis' bill explicitly gives the FDA power to remove nutrients from the market if there is a theoretical risk even if no harm has ever been associated with the item. No such reporting requirement exists for drugs, including deadly ones like Vioxx (which the FDA blames for 55,000-188,000 American deaths), despite drug toxicity and dangers.

Laws that protect access to nutrition, like DSHEA, undercut pharmaceutical profits. Dietary supplements have an astonishing safety record: there are no deaths conclusively associated with any supplement despite hundreds of millions of doses while complications associated with even "properly used" pharmaceuticals are the fourth leading cause of death in the US while pharmaceutical "medical misadventure" causes more U.S. deaths than heart disease, the number 1 disease-related killer.

Additional bills (e.g., Burton/Pallone's HR 2485 and Gregg/Frist, et. al, S 3) attack nutrients in other ways. HR 2485 calls for "full implementation of DSHEA" which, despite its supplement-friendly sound, would implement excessive "good manufacturing practices" which are more stringent than those to which pharmaceutical companies are subjected. This would drive most small and medium-sized manufacturers out of business.

S 3 eliminates pharmaceutical liability and removes much-needed legal remedies for people harmed by vaccines, including autistic children.

The Natural Solutions Foundation,, is a leading health freedom advocacy organization. They have mounted significant opposition to these pro-illness bills through grass-roots campaigns. More than 80 percent of Americans used nutritional supplements to deal with premature aging and chronic diseases of under nutrition like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke, auto-immune diseases, asthma and arthritis. These diseases are increasingly common and produce huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry. Despite this, the safest, cheapest and most effective approach for each of them is nutritional supplementation, not pharmaceutical treatment.

Big Pharma's nearly $800 million Congressional lobbying investment has apparently bought enough friends to create this legislative assault on natural health choices. Just as in the mid 1990's when millions of health-focused Americans flooded Congress to assure passage of DSHEA, the tide of public health concern is rising against this Congressional assault on its health freedom.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hwa-Yu Tai Chi - a Diabetes cure??

New Tai Chi Website Reveals 1,000 Year Old Healthcare Secrets
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Hwa-Yu Tai Chi (pronounced Y-U Tie Chee), hidden from the world until the last fifty years, is universally accepted as the oldest Temple Style, highly advanced, closed-door healthcare science purported to be the key to an abundantly full life. Read on to discover why…

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) July 27, 2005 -- A new website at was launched this week by Grace Martial Arts, (GMA), principals Master Robert Xavier, PhD and Mark McGee, 6th Degree Black Belt, are promoting a line of healthcare and self-defense videos purported to disclose a thousand year old Temple Style form of martial arts called Hwa-Yu Tai Chi (pronounced Y-U Tie Chee). Hidden from the world until the last fifty years, this form of Tai Chi was practiced only by the elite ancient noble class rulers and palace guards. This Temple Style form is far superior to the Public Style forms of Tai Chi widely practiced today. See the Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ), section of the GMA site to learn why.

The graceful slow movements of Hwa-Yu Tai Chi increase physical and mental energy and promote a meditative whole mind and body connectedness. This is certainly not the bone-cracking kicks, punches, and flying-through-the-air martial art forms that you may have seen on television. When asked how these graceful, slow-motion movements have anything to do with martial arts self-defense, Master Xavier explains, "Self-defense is really secondary to the health aspects of this form of Tai Chi. You don't recognize the self-defense aspects until you see these movements sped up or in fast-forward. Practitioners are actually preprogramming their neuromuscular memory, through slow, graceful routine practice, to naturally and compassionately ward off, redirect or restrain and incapacitate any harsh attack, while avoiding personal injury." Fascinatingly, the ancient Chinese actually developed a useful exercise that everyone can do -- there's a novel idea. These are certainly benefits you won’t derive from aerobics, Pilates, or your boring treadmill.

Hwa-Yu Tai Chi has been recommended for centuries for the prevention, treatment and reversal of a wide range of common disorders. Routine practice of this graceful, healing form benefits all who study it. Age and physical condition rarely are barriers to this practice.

The healing benefits of Hwa-Yu Tai Chi include:

* Proven beneficial effects on cardiovascular functions, arthritis, diabetes, strength, balance and general health and wellbeing
* Lowers blood pressure, stress and helps eliminate hypertension
* Oxygenates blood, calms the mind and improves reaction time
* Increases energy, relieves muscle and joint tension
* Measurably improves bone density, alertness and circulation
* Reduces bad cholesterol levels, severe headaches and low energy
* Enhances concentration, creativity and self-actualization
* Safe, gentle, proven approach to treating chronic pain and disease
* Increases range of motion, flexibility, agility, speed and endurance
* Heighten oxygenation, helps the heart, brain, and other organs receive healing chemicals and increase the bodies healing power.
* Increased healing power is facilitated through unison of whole body movement that incorporates diaphragm breathing

For a more thorough review of this ancient closed-door form of Tai Chi visit the GMA website at and download a free 42 page booklet entitled The Principles of Hwa-Yu Tai Chi by subscribing to the GMA newsletter in the bottom left corner of their home page.

Master Robert Xavier, PhD is the highest ranking instructor of Hwa-Yu T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Yon Ch'uan Martial Arts. He is Lineage Holder and Chief Instructor of the Hwa Yu System and 9th Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of Yon Ch'uan. In 1980, Master Xavier received the only Masters Instructor Certification from internationally acclaimed Grand Master John Chung Li in the ancient art of Six Combinations-Eight Methods - Chinese Water Boxing. Master Xavier authored the highly renowned 3-Zone Defense Tactics for law enforcement. These methods have been field tested and used by professionals to standardize defensive tactics for law enforcement throughout the country.

Lower my blood sugar

I have been working to lower my blood sugar naturally. I've been taking these supplements, excercising more, and trying a few other natural remedies, like cinnamon. We'll see how I do!